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Fundraising Cruise Program

Do you have a favorite charity or organization that is looking for a pleasurable way to raise money? 

Why not try a cruise?

Many non-profit organizations, churches and synagogues have found cruising to be an enjoyable way to raise money.  While you are relaxing your vacation dollars will be helping to raise money for your non-profit organization.  Cruising is an easy and pleasurable way to raise money your favorite charity!

A fundraising cruise offers an easy way to raise money for your favorite charity. There are limited meetings, just a few phone calls and best of all, no set-up or clean-up!  In addition, earned cruise credits can add up to more money for your organization. 

How a Fundraising Cruise Works:

  • Choose a cruise itinerary. Most cruise lines offer bonuses for groups.  These bonuses can usually  be used as  fundraising dollars ($25 - $75 per cabin).
  • A few cruise lines will allow you to increase the cost of the cruise by $25-$100 per passenger. That money goes directly to your organization.
  • Some cruise line policies may offer their own contribution to your fundraiser.  
  • Every eight to ten cabins earns a fundraising credit. The value of this credit is based on the average price of all cabins.  This credit can be used in several ways, all of which earn additional funds for your group.
  • Example for 40 people sailing (20 cabins) on a fundraising cruise

Amenity points worth $50.00 per stateroom (20 x 100 = $1000)

Mark up $50 per passenger (40 x $50.00 = $2000)

20 cabins booked (2 x $750 = $1500)

Total earned = $4500

Follow these easy steps and you will be ready to sail !

  • Call us at  Travel Obsessions 800-216-7245.
  • Give us the name and number of the contact person for your group.
  • Together we will select the best cruise for your event.
  • Then we will plan a Cruise Information Night.
  • At the Cruise Night, we (not you-you don’t have to handle the paperwork or the money) will create, collect and administer the cruiser information sheets. We will also collect all deposits and final payments.
  • Prior to sailing we will make sure that all the details are handled.
  • Then enjoy the Cruise, because  your travel is our obsession !!!!!!!!


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