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  Tahiti: Islands the Way They Used to Be  

Tahiti: Islands the Way They Used to Be

Tahiti - Moorea - Bora Bora - these are names that create an immediate picture in the minds of vacationers,  honeymooners, romantics and adventurers looking to escape the ordinary.


French Polynesia, commonly known as Tahiti is only 8 hours away by plane from Los Angeles. Tahiti covers over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and is made up of 118 islands spread over five great archipelagos (islands groups) half way between South America and Australia.

 The better known of the archipelagos is the Society Islands comprised of Tahiti (the Island of Love),  Moorea (The Magical Island, minutes from Tahiti by plane),  Bora Bora (said to be the most beautiful island in the world and only a one hour’s flight from Tahiti and Moorea), Raiatea (the Sacred Island) & Taha’a (the Vanilla Island).


There is no wrong time to visit Tahiti.  Tahiti’s tropical climate, with temperatures averaging in the low 80’s year round make this the perfect year round escape. Every month of the year hosts a different festival or event.  From world class surfing competitions, golf tournaments, international marathons and a pearl regatta, there’s something for everyone every month.  There’s even an annual Ukulele Festival every June.

There are more things to do onTahiti than there will be time to do it.

Scuba Diving:  Divers and snorkelers are amazed by the large variety of marine life. Tahiti has a variety of sites for all levels of divers and is a good place to get certified. There are a variety of dive sites in Tahiti, with subjects ranging from wrecks to sharks.

July to November is the perfect time to go whale watching. The humpback whales travel up from Antarctica to breed and give birth in and around Tahiti.

Weddings and Vow Renewals are a favorite pastime.  The bride is carried onto the sand on a rattan throne, while the groom arrives in an outrigger canoe.  Flowers are strewn all over.  A Tahitian priest conducts the ceremony and gives the bride and groom their Polynesian names.


Visit the Paul Gauguin Museum.  The French Impressionist spent the last years of his life on the island of Tahiti.  His painting of Tahitian Women introduced the world to the beauty of Tahiti.


And there’s more

  • go for an outing on a quad
  • try horseback riding on the beach
  • how about flying lessons
  • if you want to learn how to sail, Tahiti is an excellent place to do it.
  • try surfing-the north coast offers good surfing, where there are both beach breaks and reef breaks. The best time to surf is actually in the winter, when there are big waves from storms in Antarctica and New Zealand
  • The Astronomers’ Society of Tahiti (SAT) invites those 8 years and up, to their observatory every Friday and Saturday night to watch the astral performances of the moon, stars, planets, galaxies and meteor showers through their powerful telescopes.
  • SHOPPING- Tahiti is known for it’s black pearls.  There’s even a Black Pearl Museum.  This is THE place for quality black pearls. 

 Tahiti has something for everyone. If you stay very still and listen ever so carefully you will hear her calling you.  She is opening her arms and saying "Come to me".  But be warned.  Once you visit Tahiti you will never be the same.  You will carry a piece of her within your heart and sometimes ,when you least expect it, you will hear her whisper, "Come back".  Travel Obsessions 800-216-7245

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